Superior Water Filtration – Simply H2O

clean waterEstablished in 2001, Simply H2O was created to provide a drinking water filtration system that people can trust. With the huge amount of sub standard water filters on the market we felt there was a need for a system that performed to our high expectations and was able to be manufactured right here in the USA. We are extremely proud of the fact that our water filtration systems are manufactured in our home state of Florida. We provide the healthiest, safest and cleanest water for you and your family.

Healthy, Safe & Clean Drinking Water

Your tap water could have hundreds of toxins in it. Everything from harmful bacteria and viruses to heavy metals and chemicals. Our drinking water purification systems are designed to remove 99.8% of all harmful toxins typically found in tap water. By using a custom blended filtration media we are able to remove contaminants such as;  sediment, chlorine, chloramine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, cysts, viruses, fluoride and heavy metals.

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