Keep The Good – Eliminate The Bad

Our special blend of filtration media is designed to ensure all of the essential vitamins and minerals remain in your water while 99.8% of the harmful toxins are removed. This sets us far above reverse osmosis filtration which removes the good elements in your water as well as the bad. Our systems also produce zero wastewater, yet another step above reverse osmosis which wastes gallons of water daily.

Fluoride Filter Included

Every system we build includes fluoride filtration. Some municipal water agencies would have you believe that the fluoride that is added to your drinking water is a benefit. However, research has proven time and again that fluoride in drinking water can be harmful and is linked to ADHD.

Contaminants Removed

Simply H2O drinking water purification systems remove hundreds of toxins including; sediment, chlorine, chloramine, lead, arsenic, bacteria, cysts, viruses, fluoride and heavy metals.

Choose The System Best For You