Good Clean Water = Good Health

Good health is important to everyone. Drinking unfiltered tap water isn’t healthy and bottled water is almost as bad. Some bottled water brands are actually considerably more dangerous than tap water. With a Simply H2O drinking water filtration system not only will you be drinking safer and healthier water, you’ll be saving money while your at it. By removing 99.8% of all harmful toxins in your water and leaving behind all of the good vitamins and minerals you get healthy water that tastes great too. We believe in keeping things simple, drink clean water – stay healthy.

Chlorine is Linked to Cancer

While chlorine is a necessary evil used to disinfect your tap water. It has been recently found that chlorine may be linked to cancer. There are several recent studies indicating that chlorine and its by-products increase your cancer risk by a large percentage.

Fluoride is Bad Too

A growing body of evidence reasonably indicates that fluoridated water  can cause or contribute to a range of serious effects, including ADHD, arthritis, damage to the developing brain, reduced thyroid function, and possibly bone cancer in adolescent males.

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